Πλακάκια Venezia


Venezia L

Venezia describes a vivid and elegant chromatic universe, with the sophisticated variations in the grain tone, tht is typical of Venetian rerrazzo.

The proposal in eight different colourings, to which the original Palladio version is added, in the new 60×120 and 60×60 cm large sizes and with two natural and LUX surface finishes, multiplies the expressive potential at the service of interior design, to be used freely for the floor and walls to embellish classic architectures as well as to design decidedly contemporary spaces.

Venezia LUX

The new LUX finish that Cir introduces with Venezia reveals, on the extra-glossy surface, the charm of the traditional craftsmanship of Venetian terrazzo floors.

The brightness imparted by LUX enhances the colour and tone-on-tone variations and is perfect for an original and exclusive modern design.



60×120 cm
60×60 cm
20×20 cm

Πλακάκια Miami


Typical decorative patterns and the mix of sizes tell the story and define the unique, versatile style of a collection with a lively, creative personality inspired by the world of concrete tiles, harmonizing perfectly with modern-day environments.

The unusual patterns and textures are the distinguishing features of each design solution.

The industrial and residential surroundings of an exuberant and dynamic city, buzzing with energy, are highlighted by the intense colours forming a backdrop to daily life, enhanced with high-impact graphics.




24×27,7 cm
20×20 cm
10×20 cm

Πλακάκια Havana


Warmth, colour and craftsmanship

But also innovation. The Style Office of Ceramica CIR has designed the Havana series to combine the Cuban capital’s long and eclectic architectural history and achieve an ambitious and contemporary project.

The technological characteristics of this glazed porcelain stoneware available in five sizes, six shaded colours and numerous designs reinterprets the South American atmosphere in a modern key, translating it into eclectic floor and wall tiles, capable of giving a welcoming atmosphere to commercial and residential areas.




40×40 cm
20×40 cm
6×27 cm
20×20 cm
10×20 cm

Πλακάκια Gemme


Precious substance

A container of surfaces inspired by the rarest, most highly prized varieties of marble. Seven selected versions, each with an exclusive charm and diverse provenance, unveil the hidden wonders of colour, nuances and veining, always original and unexpected.

The new large 80×180 and 100×100 cm panels enhance the expressiveness and luminosity of the collection, while two surface finishes, natural and lux guarantee the right solution for every style and application.




80×180 cm
20×180 cm
60×120 cm
100×100 cm
50×100 cm
40×80 cm
20×80 cm
60×60 cm
30×60 cm

Πλακάκια Q-Stone Minimal Provenza

Q-Stone Minimal Provenza

It inspires emotions and conveys passions: design that nurtures individual personality

Q-Stone Minimal: the Provenza collection that surpasses the simplicity of Q-Stone. Q for Quartzite, Q for Quality. This series has a clear geological inspiration. Day and Night are the two colours that boost the Q-Stone collection, extending its creative boundaries.

Q-Stone Minimal inspires emotions and conveys passions: design that nurtures individual personality. The difference compared to Q-Stone lies in the two colours chosen: white and black. The former is created by all colours together and the latter by their total absence. The floor and wall coverings in this collection set out to play on our absolute perception of what is or is not: after all, a living-space is just that, a perception. Q-Stone Minimal provides scope for imagination and creativity, as the two shades can strike the right balance with any other colour, offering highlights but never dominating the space excessively.

Possible contexts of use are apartment buildings, offices, homes, outdoor and indoor, public and private locations, all sharing one thing: essential, minimal, timeless, ageless design.




30×60 cm

Πλακάκια Tele di Marmo Revolution

Tele di Marmo Revolution

A new interpretation of marble, the stone that embodies beauty and eternity

The Tele di Marmo Revolution collection offers a fresh interpretation of marble, in a contemporary evocation of a material of eternal beauty and elegance. The series features new colours and unusual combinations to enhance its expressive power: Bianco Thassos, Calacatta Black, Verde Saint Denis, Patagonia.

Four new natural and semi-polished marbles find their most exquisite expression in the large slabs.
Evolving fresh colours and patterns, the Tele di Marmo Revolution project continues to reinterpret marble in a contemporary key by extending the range with the Acanto pattern. Here the influence of artistic mosaic is expressed through the use of precise geometric motifs, finely judged in shades and details.

This highly expressive decor makes the Tele di Marmo Revolution project a complete covering offering, in which vein patterns, reflections and details acquire a personality that will make its mark in any project, unique and original as a work of art.

A decorative selection of mosaics further enhances the series, creating the maximum versatility of installation.




30×60 cm
90×90 cm
60×120 cm
120×278 cm

Πλακάκια In-Essence Provenza

In-Essence Provenza

It transfers a tradition and design steeped in history to all parts of the home

In-essence by Provenza is a collection of salvaged materials that are given a new lease of life. On these surfaces we can rediscover the values of the craftsmanship of yesteryear and the signs left by time passing. In-essence embodies this legacy and transfers it to us with refreshing spontaneity. The collection comprises three colours, Composto Cenere, Grigio and Sabbia, each of which gives the interior design a different look, and is tailored to different lifestyle needs.

This assortment of salvaged materials is perfect for decorating not just private interiors such as kitchens, lounges or living or dining rooms but also public places such as museums, showrooms, offices or co-working locations. It is generally used indoors, but can also be chosen for outdoor locations.

Wood and concrete effects provide an ultra-modern stylistic language, with minimal, youthful, very modern design. The light also creates incredible optical effects to give the entire interior a clean, simple, bright, characterful personality.

The In-essence collection wall and floor coverings guarantee the highest degree of freedom of expression and are the ideal medium for architectural design in step with the latest, most innovative trends and innovative design.




30×60 cm
60×60 cm
80×80 cm
15×120 cm
20×120 cm

Πλακάκια Zerodesign Provenza

Zerodesign Provenza

Original and solid, for locations with a strong personality

Stone becomes Sand, the Zerodesign collection by Provenza takes shape. A collection of stones gathered from different continents, each with its own distinctive appearance and variegated colouring. And from rocks that have crumbled over the millennia, sand: wind-blown, pristine and pure.

The collection is intended above all for indoor locations such as spas and pools, wellbeing centres and showrooms, not to mention city lofts, seaside apartments and homes, or offices and restaurants.
Zerodesign by Provenza is, as its name suggests, emphatic in its simplicity. It is able to give any location a rich, elegant, luxurious touch, with features as simple and natural as the stone effect itself. The different colour shades created on the floor covering generate light/dark contrasts and enrich the whole interior with style, class and minimal design.

Very often, all it takes to give an interior design a natural touch is a floor covering like that offered by the Zerodesign collection: stone is the common denominator, meeting the aims of creating natural variegated shades and of sourcing high-performing materials.




30×60 cm
45×90 cm
60×120 cm

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